Clădirea administrativă a Uzinei de fier

22 ianuarie 2011

Actualul birou ICSH:


2 Responses to “Clădirea administrativă a Uzinei de fier”

  1. Ice Says:

    For a longtime Yahoo! user, Eric, your analysis is right on. If I were an employee, I wouldn’t like Terry Semel to go team he brought in should be shown the door as well. I am sure you wouldn’t have recommended Ms. Decker for CEO if, let’s say, she was on the other side of 60…like Mr. Semel. Even if she did better than what she has. She’s no Meg Whitman.I have no idea what Jerry and David are waiting for.

  2. I don’t have an android phone yet but def thinking about it. After reading this I’m thinking I will wait until Garmin’s android phone drops. They have already solved the heat problem while on charger many times over. Even in the baking sun on your dash.

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